It’s the image.  The story.  The sound.  That thing.  It.

And It’s got to be there.  Every time.

Zanmi Films does just that.  And they’ve been trusted to do it time and time again.

Based out of Los Angeles, Evrard Solomon, Knoko Chapple, and Angel Rosa come together to form one of the most sought after production teams around.  Known for their individual prowess as Assistant Directors, these are the people you call when you want things done right.  Whether it’s a commercial or a music video, or anything in between, they’ve been facilitating projects for years, and even have the Emmys and MTV Awards to prove it.

Their individual credits read like a who’s who of every popular musician in the industry for the past decade.  They’ve worked with such of director as Dave Meyers, Spike Jonze, Joe Pitka, Chris Robinson, Diane Martel, and Hype Williams to name a few.

As a production team, they’ve created the elements necessary to bring out the best in visual aesthetics.  Videos for artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Birdman, Dawn Richardson, Nick Cannon, and Marina and The Diamonds have catapulted Zanmi Films into the forefront and, quite literally, put chainsaws through couches.

They don’t just talk the talk.  They’ve done the work.  Their proven track record has earned the trust and confidence of labels, agencies and artists: they’re who your favorite artists call when they want a video done right.  They make the commercial shoots happen, on time and on schedule.  They push forward the look and sound of every project with a seamless integrity that only comes with experience.

Zanmi Films delivers It.  Every time.